CASE: Protect Your Copyright


For a brand, the most important thing is its company’s brand name and goodwill. To save the brand and the market, it is important to registered company trademark in the international system. Only in this way, the business can take control of the situation and put an end to this regressive situation. As it is an apparent reality that lost reputation can turn out to be grave for any product.


Today, almost all industry sectors are hit by counterfeiting and piracy globally.

One such sector which is highly affected through fake brands is cosmetics. Cosmetics are such products which can’t be avoided in our daily routine and it also has a direct contact with our skin so it deeply affects our personality if something goes wrong by using them.

Any business have to care about this aspect, but much more in cosmetics sector, since can affect really the human life. In Indian markets there are multiple cosmetics company coming out with great products appreciate abroad. For this is important to copyright the business before getting in future problems.



Since, the official company is investing a lot of energy and money into the development the product, why should falls back and suffer because of the imitator of the original product? It is important for any brand to keep full control on the intellectual property investments and remove all the fake brand from the market.

Artex Ventures LTD, comes out with a Proposal to protect and save your Company Name. It is required to prevent by registering the Trademark in the international system. Our company will follow you in all the single step and make sure that only official product will be present in the established market.


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