Counterparty check

Find reliable business partners in India

Before signing a contract, we strongly advise you to check your future business partner. Differences in cultures and company legislation, language barriers, slowness of the judiciary, habits and other factors can be a serious problem for your company.

Check your potential partners right now to avoid problems in the future.

Confidentiality is one of the fundamental principles of our company.


Who are our customers?

Why do I have to check the other party?

  • Reduce tax, credit and financial risks.
  • Get a preview of the transaction when large deliveries are organized.
  • Protect your business from scammers.
  • Choose the best and most reliable suppliers.

How we work?

The counterparty"s control takes place in several phases

We collect information from all possible free sources

We use proven paid sources

We send experts to the other party

We check and analyze the received documents

We make recommendations for the customer

We collect information about the business partner

The counterpart trade certificate consists of three main parts

  • name, structure and type of property
  • activity situation
  • company registration date and registration number
  • release authorization (RS) and capital payment (RS)
  • the number of owners and data on collaborators and current administrators
  • legal and effective address
  • email address and registered phone
  • status of the budget and the last annual general meeting.
  • date and amount of loans from banks and state companies with respective due dates
  • short-term state loan
  • real estate engaged
  • date and amount of the loan from the CIN / FCRN / LLPIN / F L credit institutions and related deadlines
  • evaluation of the WEB site and compliance with the reliability of the specified real information
  • expired loans
  • Balance check and active accounts
  • Control properties registration
  • Check bankruptcy
  • To identify the size of the current real production
  • Tracking contracts, Licenses and Certificates
  • участие в ассоциациях
  • Full feedback of company's activities

Check out your potential partners right now. Counterpart check lasts from 2 to 12 days.


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