Are you looking for a new market?

Does your company need reliable sales channels?

Do you need reseller contacts from India, Ukraine, Russia and Italy?


We will provide you with a reliable and stable distribution network. Become one of the leaders in your industry and gain an edge over your competitors. Start exporting to the Indian market and profit from international trade in goods and raw materials.



You will get

New consumers and customers from India, the CIS or the EU

Experienced Local Manager

Logistics and delivery stable and reliable

Protection, insurance and accounting of your goods at all stages

Consumer market analysis and information on customer needs

Market analysis to reduce risks and costs

Distributor search

You will receive direct sales channels for your product and a reliable network of distributors. We find not only large wholesale buyers, but also reliable retail intermediaries with the aim of selling your products at the best possible price.



The service also includes:

  • Distributor data
  • Counterparty check
  • Dealing
  • Back office for feedback
  • Space on Internet sites
  • Presentation
  • Legal advice
  • Accounting services

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