India Rubber Expo 2019 (IRE)

India Rubber Expo 2019 (IRE)

City: Navi Mumbai
Beginning of the exhibition: 17.01.2019
End of the exhibition: 19.01.2019
Location: Centro espositivo di Bombay, NESCO, Goregaon East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400063
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The India Rubber Expo is Asia's largest rubber expo. It made its debut in 2001 and has grown to be one of the most anticipated events in the rubber industry today. Now its 10th International Exhibition and Conference is to be held at the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai as a valuable platform for growth, exchange and collaboration.

The IRE offers a unique opportunity for Indian companies to meet and collaborate with overseas companies. An integral part of the thriving rubber industry, the IRE is a clear indicator of India’s own position as the second fastest growing economy in the world.

More than a decade since its inception, the India Rubber Expo has grown from a mere 3000 sq. mts. in 2001 to a whopping 26,000 sq. mts. in 2019.

India is set to become a major player in the global rubber industry, thanks to an extensive plantation sector with indigenous availability of basic raw material and a growing reputation as an automobile hub. With India ranked as the 2nd largest natural rubber consumer in the world, 65% of which goes into automobiles, experts are painting a positive future for the rubber industry.

We have a single focus and we are proud of it. Our mission is to make India the world’s rubber destination of choice. A visit to the Expo will give you a sense of our vision and why we feel it is viable. India has a huge potential for growth in this field, thanks to a strong technically trained manpower base and many supporting institutions for training and testing. Furthermore, the robust growth of the nation itself coupled with free trade agreements have helped to accelerate momentum. The India Rubber Expo offers an unbeatable platform for all these elements to come together.

he India Rubber Expo always provides a common forum for international companies to work together, which is especially relevant in Asia, where the growth rates for the rubber markets are expected to be higher than for their international counterparts. Experts and specialists from Japan, China, Malaysia, Korea, Netherlands, Germany and USA come together with those from India to discuss emerging market scenarios, technologies, alliances and various related issues.

The success and growth of the India Rubber Expo is in keeping with the exponential growth of the Indian Rubber Industry itself and its contribution to the global markets. IRE 2019 will address the entire gamut of issues that interest the global rubber industry and will aim to echo the success of the previous expos.

ndia Rubber Expo 2019 (IRE-2019), the 10th International Exhibition and Conference, is organized by the All India Rubber Industries Association (AIRIA). Established in 1945 the AIRIA comprises over 1200 members and is headquartered in Mumbai with regional offices in Chennai, Kolkata. Delhi, Mumbai and a chapter office in Pune. The India Rubber Expo 2019 will be spread over an area of 26,000 sq. mts. with around 300+ participating Companies from India and around the world and an expected reach of over 27,000 visitors.

IRE 2019 is a must for everyone working in the field of rubber sciences and allied materials and has created tremendous interest both in India and globally. Large areas for Country Pavilions have been blocked for China, Germany, USA and a number of Companies from Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Taiwan, etc. are participating as Exhibitors, Delegates and Visitors.


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