Olio di cocco



ARTEX VENRURES Ltd, after a proper marketing research and an accurate competitive prices analysis of Coconut Oil Made in India, named Coconut Oil and Virgin Oil, come to the conclusion that there is a high difference between the production and the retail price.

In specific, there is an increase value in order of 300-400% from manufacturing to the retail and 200-250% in wholesale. Another additional positive factor is the stable grow demand during the summer season.

Market Research:

Artex Ventures made his own research in the market to find the best manufactures ready to work and satisfy the international requirement. Not only the Coconut Oil cost was analyzed, but every single component to give a full report and total idea of the final cost.

Cost Analyzed:


Artex Ventures, thanks to this research is now ready to provide a full process to produce, packing and send any kind of oil. In fact, it is possible to adapt the same methodology to the production of also others oils, like:

Castor Oil

Almond Oil

Sesame Oil

Mustard Oil

Rice Oil

Have the full process under control is given multiple benefits:

Full quality control of products

Flexibility in the production requirement

Customization of the product in each step


Ready solutions for the export of goods