How does it work MI24 webpage?

The MarketIndia24 website is not just a B2B portal, but also a professional partner who, through a set of services, organizes export-import to extract the maximum benefit of all participants in the transaction. Through this webpage you can:

  • Post an item for sale
  • Post a request for the purchase
  • Apply for the services offered about export/import by Artex Ventures Ltd.

In order to access all these facilities, you must register in our website.


After fulfil the above information, the system will require to verify your email address by clicking on the link in the email and automatically redirect you to your personal account.

Goods Placement

► Click on "Login" in the right corner of the page. Enter your username and password.

► Select the item “Place goods” in the menu on the left.

► Fill in all required fields. More you info much more visibility.

 Attach your product image size of 500-500 pixel.

 Add a price list and catalogue of the product.

Details and recommendation about the information to post in the Website

Offers/Requests Placement

The steps to follow to insert a Request of an Offer, are:


Click on “Login” in the upper right corner of the page.

 Enter username and password.

 Select "Post a Request" in your account in the left menu.

 Fill in all  the required fields.


After your product is verified by the moderator, it will be displayed on the Offers and Purchases page.

In order to attract as many buyers as possible, it is recommended to fill in all the fields and provide more information as possible regarding the request. 

How to find a product

There are few simple steps to find the right product:

Go to the “Products” page, and select the category you are interested in in the list on the left. You can filter by manufacturer’s country.

► Enter the name of the product you are interested in in the search box.

Export-Import Assistance

We are ready to give to you all the answers and information regarding international trade. We will save your time and money, by providing a Turn-Key deal for your business. Our services are:

So start by placing an order on MarketIndia24 through: Website Feedback or Making a Call.