We provide logistics and delivery services

Our specialists are supporting importers and exporters at all stages of transportation

  • We advise on the possibilities and features of delivering the declared cargo to the desired region.
  • We select the optimal modes of transport for the carriage of cargo.
  • We help to prepare the necessary documents for the goods transportation.
  • We choose the most advantageous and reliable packaging to transport the cargo.
  • We give advice on cargo insurance during transportation.
  • We carry out a preliminary calculation of the cost of delivery.

How to book a delivery?

  • Leave a request. In the message, indicate which service you are interested.
  • Carefully fill out the Form №5, which our consultant will send you to your email address.
  • After sending the completed form, our specialist will again contact you to confirm the order.
Delivery service time is 5 working days

After sending the request, within one hour our consultant will contact you.



Customs consulting

We will tell you in detail about all the nuances and subtleties of the law and the transportation of goods throughout India

Full consultation includes:

  • Correct definition of the HS code
  • Development of the most economical and efficient route to deliver the product and calculation of cargo logistics
  • Conduct analysis and providing recommendations to ensure the legality of foreign trade contracts
  • Legal support during the entire period of the transaction
  • Goods Certification according to the law and standards
  • Assistance in obtaining other documents confirming and authorizing the import from customs authorities for the specific goods
  • Preliminary examination of documents, verification to fulfil the requirements of the declaration, as well as customs clearance.

After sending the request, within one hour our consultant will contact you.