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Are you having the right product a good price, but you cannot find the right market or is it your first time in international market? We are here to help you and find for you the best market and provide to you the best opportunities in international market!


The successful key is PROMOTION. Promotion is a key element in putting across the benefits of your product or service to the customers. is offering you an opportunity for any business to promote your product in the international market.


How we can do it? Here our offer to you, we will help you by:

1. Preparing your business for the international market (registration, rules, documentations).


Owner Name

Elena Kaimova

Company’s Name

Artex Ventures Ltd

Full Address:

926/1, ground floor, Pundalik Niwas near police station, Pundalik Nagar, Porvorim


Goa India

ZIP Code




Phone no.


Year of Establishment


No. of employees


Ownership type:

Private Limited


2. Identifying the most and profitable markets for your goods. 

3. Making your product up to the international market by providing the full information as: certifications details packaging languages in according to the buyer country.



Primary Business Type

International trade (Import/Export)

Name Of Product

Path Lighting Enclosures

Country Of Origin Product


BRAND (If There)


Supplier/Company Name

Artex Ventures Pvt Ltd

Goods Location



Electrical Equipment

Subcategory ( Search)

Lamps and lighting devices

Different Models (if there)




LIGHT O/P DIA.: 60 mm, Glass Dia. : 70 mm

FRAME OUTER DIA.: 90 mm , Depth : 65 mm

PCB AREA: 50 mm dia

RATE/PRICE With Size (M3, Litre…)

$ 7.07/Start Prices

(Or List Price)

Mode of Supply (price, pieces, box…)

Per Piece

Min Order

$ 1000

Short Description (500 letters max)

Our company is engaged in manufacturing and supplying Path Light that is used to illuminate the streets, balconies and walking paths of different places. Offered light is checked on different quality parameters by our professionals to ensure its proper working. It is made using high quality raw material which is procured from trusted market vendors. Our light is highly acclaimed in the market due to its optimum performance as well as energy efficiency properties.

CONTRACT TERMS ( Delivery, Package, Payment) + Volume/Time

35 days after payments

Payments 100% prepared


4. Providing full information about the actual and real price in the market (price monitoring) and to establish the right and best price for your product. 

5. Calculating the customs and delivery cost. 

6. Making Advertisement plan to catch the potential customers. For examples by preparing: flyers, catalogue, supply samples, internet promotions and communication (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn.) in the third country. 

7. Supporting and controlling during the selection of the potential buyers and future partners.

8. Arranging a complete financial plan: business and banks options agreement.

9. Controlling directly the quality of the products before delivery ( final check)

The Path is not so easy, but we are here ready to give you full support and make sure you will have success in this new and dynamic opportunity!


Increasing brand awareness

Promotions help in creating brand awareness. MarketIndia24 will promote your products through all the channels possible in the online marketing: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc... It is essential that businesses make use of the right media tool to target their customers.

We will spread across information about your brand and company, which helps people to find out more about you and look into your products and make purchases.

Segment Identification

MarketIndia24 will do all the required analysis to find the right audience and best deal for your product.

We will provide to you promotional strategy and marketing plan that will help you identify the right potential buyers.

Increasing customer traffic

Also, promotion helps in helps in increasing customer traffic. The more you promote your brand, the more will the customers know about your products more will be the potential selling out of them. For this reason the promotion is the success key for your company.

MarketIndia24 with the long experience is ready to give you the full support and tools to achieve this main task.

We offer




Whenever you want to start to promote and sell your product in a new market, first step you need to register your product in B2B market places/specialize website...? Immediately you will find problem in filling the forms. Why? They required:

  • Local number
  • Local address
  • Local registration number of the company is a registered and active business for the last 6 years in India market, ready to support you in all those requirements.



New market, new country, new languages. After in some way you will post your product, you will start to received calls or messages from local buyers ready to buy your products, but speaking different languages. Take note, that in Indian culture is very important the phone communication, rarely you will get answers through email. How to solve it?

  • You can invite in your company a mediator
  • Get support from MarketIndia24, we are physically presents in India with an international team ready to give you full support in communication and explanation.



You found the perfect buyer. Ready to buy and pay. Of course you will not trust them on based of a phone call. You will type the name in internet and really soon you will come to know that the majority of the Indian company they don’t have website or proper documentation. How to check it?

  • You can ask to the company to send you details and pay an agent to make a visit and take photos, information, anything to proof the reliability of the company. This will take time and expensive and still maybe some information will be miss and will delay the order.
  • Get MarketIndia24 support. We are ready to provide you a full proof of the counterpart. We will be personally check and provide all the documentation required to conclude the deal without future troubles.



You could manage somehow the communication, but now the potential Indian buyer is requiring samples to check the quality products. How to do it?

  • You can postal it (will be expensive and maybe difficult to arrange it for some custom required)
  • Or send it to MarketIndia24 in your own country (we are present in Russia, Ukraine, Chez Republic and India), will be fast, easy and cheap. Then will be our responsibility to send it to the potential buyers.



You could manage everything and now is the time to send your product to your Indian buyer. You have to prepare the Invoice to attach to the product. A lot of documents and certificate will be required to you from both the customs. How to provide it?

  • You pay an agent to make it in your own country and in India. It will be expensive and time consuming between providing the certificate and make the transportation
  • Or get support from MarketIndia24. Our experience and team will provide a quick and efficient service to get all the documentations in both the country and also the logistic will be handle complete without problem or affords from both the parties.



Okay, you could handle the customs and logistic. Now it is the time to receive the money. In India they accept check or accredited, how are you planning to make it?

  • In India they use accredited system. You can get pay in this way, but can be risky that the real credit is not there, since you cannot check in the original bank.
  • Get MarketIndia24 support. Thanks to the physical presence in different countries, we are also having different business bank account ready to allow us to make easy and fast international transaction with proper warranties.


Our company is present in India market for the last 6 years. To build our market and business we made all the required and useful registration. We have:

Export/Import India code.

It is an official code provide to Indian company for international trade.

FSSAI registration.

FSSAI is the official quality control for foods and beverage in India.

India Coffee association.

It is a certification of coffee and confirmation of its quality, it allows to buy coffee of the corresponding quality from producers at the lowest price and on a long-term basis.

Bank account in ICICI Bank

This account with the financial relationship the best and advanced banks of India that affects quality of service, the speed of transactions and a possibility of participation in the state tenders and work with the state companies.

International Presence.

Our company is officially registered in INDIA, UKRAINE, CHEZH REPUBIC, RUSSIA. With an international team ready to support you in all the steps and full help.