Cashew nuts from India

Manufacturer or Brand: Artex Ventures Pvt Ltd
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Cashew nuts come from a tropical evergreen tree and find its origin in vibrant Brazil. Today it is widely grown in many tropical regions of India. India keeps claiming the top producers’ hat year after year. Cashew tree produces a sweet and very fragrant Cashew apple under which the nut grows. Unlike other fruits with seeds, cashew grows outside the fruit.

The Cashew nut is made of fat that constitutes about 66% of this nut’s nutritional value which is about 67% of your daily requirement. But before you cringe about the fat, let us tell you that it contains 80% of unsaturated fats that are considered suitable for you and your cholesterol levels.

This healthy and tasty nut has a very healthy combination of vitamins and minerals, not to forget its high energy quotient.It fulfills about 43% of our daily requirement of Vitamin K apart from 28% that of Vitamin B1. Vitamin B6 is also plentiful making up for 21% of our every day’s requirement.

The mineral composition and content is far more impressive with Iron 37%, Magnesium 73%, Phosphorus 59%, Zinc 39%, Copper 110% and Manganese content completing 83% of our body’s daily dosage.

With such an impressive balanced portfolio, it hardly comes as a surprise that is an excellent addition to our diet, and it can protect us from various deficiencies and disorders.

Cashew nuts are widely available and can be had right out of the packet as a snack, so there is no reason you should not carry them around for a quick energy boost.


  • Lowers Blood Pressure & Cholesterol
  • Antioxidants Life Saviour
  • Healthy bones
  • Good for For Nerves
  • Good For Digestion
  • Vitamin K for Dental health
  • Important role in blood coagulation.
  • ZeaXanthin for eyes
  • Prevents Gall stones

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Cashew nuts from India