Spruce and pine boards 12% Moisture from Russia to India

Manufacturer or Brand: ELITE TRADE LLC
Country of Origin: Russia
Goods Supplier: ELITE TRADE LLC
Place of Goods: Vladivostok
Price/Rate: $ 292.00 m3
Q.ty minimum order: 40-foot container or 50 cubic meters (approximate weight of 35.5 tons)
Seller Code:
ID: 000.000.886
  • Description
    Spruce and pine corresponds to sawn timber stored in natural conditions without additional drying. Lumber with the stated characteristics are widely used for construction work.
  • Contract Terms
    цена включает российские таможенные сборы, пошлины и фрахт до порта Джавахарлал Неру / Мундра / Пипавав 1 кубический метр - 245,00 долларов США 50 кубических метров (приблизительный вес 35,5 тонн) досок.

Pine wood offered for sale.

Price offer for a Pine Wood CIF ( Includes manufacturing price & delivery port Mumbai)

1 m3 - $ 240 to 250( Depends of sizes)

A 40''container or 50 cubic meters (approximate weight 35.5 tons) 

According  manufacturing Sizes.

The moisture content in lumber (boards) is 90% (weight co-efficient is approximately 0.71 tons per 1 cubic meter), which corresponds to lumber, preserving the natural conditions without additional dry. The lumber with the declared options are widely used for construction work.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to make an offer for you. We hope that our offer will meet your interests.


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Spruce and pine boards 12% Moisture from Russia to India