GM Wires and Cables

Manufacturer or Brand: GM Electrical
Country of Origin: India
Goods Supplier: GM Electrical
Place of Goods: Индия
Price/Rate: $ 10.52/Start Price
Q.ty minimum order: $ 1000
Measurement: 45 mtrs 90 mtrs 450 mtrs
Seller Code:
ID: 000.001.179

  • Description
    Submersible 3 Core Flat Cables are manufactured keeping in mind the severe and difficult conditions in which they are required to perform. The area of installation is physically restrictive, and the environment is very hostile. These are used to connect submersible pump motor with supply lines. The slot available in the tube well-being narrow the shape of the cables has to be suited for such an application.
  • Contract Terms
    35 days after payments Payments 100% prepared

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Artex Ventures Pvt Ltd

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+91-96077 04474

Company type

Production of goods

Mode of Supply

Per Piece

Terms of Payment and Delivery

35 days after Payment
Payment 100% Prepaid

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Quality Control and Return

Minimum Purchase Amount

$ 1000

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Tel. No: +91-96077 04474 (Whatsapp)


926/1, Ground Floor, Pundalik Niwas near Police station, Pundalik Nagar,
Porvorim, Goa, India 403521
Company’s CIN: U74900GA2016PTC012860
FSSAI License Number: 10017025000316
Importer/Exporter Code: BINAAOCA5631QFT001
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