Best Siberian honey in the world

Manufacturer or Brand: Ukraine
Country of Origin: Russia
Place of Goods: Ukraine
Price/Rate: Price as per order
Q.ty minimum order: $ 500
Seller Code: 1000000
ID: 000.000.183
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    At us you get 100% natural organic Siberian honey. The uniqueness of our technology lies in the fact that we preserve the traditions and principles of breeding bees, the process of pumping and storing honey, which our ancestors used. We offer to purchase from us high-quality honey at low prices for a distributor from $ 8 per kg. As with free volumes, we offer supplies of high-quality propolis, pergia, pollen, beeswax. Free sal

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Honey is the most important and famous product obtained from bees.

Siberian honey is a source of easily digestible carbohydrates - glucose and fructose, contain a unique set of vitamins, minerals, organic acids, enzymes, microelements, antibacterial substances, biogenic stimulants, honey is called an amazing natural medicine.

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Best Siberian honey in the world