Modern cabin house JACOB E

Manufacturer or Brand: Ukraine
Country of Origin: Russia
Place of Goods: Ukraine
Price/Rate: As per order
Q.ty minimum order: 1
Seller Code:
ID: 000.003.255
  • Description
    Description: Ideal for a combined house with a spacious and bright indoor, and an open terrace with a canopy. Large vertical windows and a full glass door combine the space inside and out and at the same time protect from the weather.

    It is possible to resize the project in width, length, and height. Change the location and size of windows and doors.
  • Contract Terms
    70% advance payment after preparing the invoice & 30% payment after container reached to the destination.

    Certification & Quality certificate of products

    Delivery order 35 days of confirmation of the order date.

Material:Beam from solid coniferous wood (spruce, pine) chamber drying.

Included in the price:Railing made of timber 100 x 150 mm, logs 100 x 150 mm, floor / terrace board 35 x 135 mm, wall kit 45 mm / 60 mm thick, doors and windows with fittings, rafters 45/60 mm x 135 mm, roof board 20 x 135 mm, windboard 20 x 100 mm.

Additionally, you can order: Foundation, fire protection treatment, basement siding, painting, plastic windows, metal door, roof, drain, insulation, delivery, assembly.

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Modern cabin house JACOB E