Aloe Vera Tulsi Juice

Manufacturer or Brand: HRD Agro
Country of Origin: India
Place of Goods: Индия
Price/Rate: $ 6.30/Pcs
Q.ty minimum order: $ 1000
Seller Code:
ID: 000.001.410

  • Description
    Our range of products include Aloe Vera Pure Juice, Aloe Vera Litchi Juice, Aloe Vera Mango Juice, Aloe Vera Tulsi Juice, Alovera Juice and Aloe Vera Mint Juice.
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    35 days after payments Payments 100% prepared

The Juice is beneficial for:

Kidney Stone
Helps in removing renal stones via the urinary tract and strengthens the efficiency of the kidney.


Healthier Heart
Reduces the level of blood cholesterol and purifies blood.


Children's Ailments
Tulsi is good for cough ,sore throat, fever and common cold. It helps in Diarrhea, vomiting and respiratory disorders.


Oral Health
Helps in reducing infections of the mouth and cures bad breath.


Helps in the treatment of Ringworm, Leucoderma and other skin diseases.


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Aloe Vera Tulsi Juice