Tata Tea Gold

Manufacturer or Brand: ТАТА ЧАЙ
Country of Origin: India
Goods Supplier: Artex Ventures Pvt Ltd
Place of Goods: Индия
Price/Rate: $ 0.54/Start Price
Q.ty minimum order: $ 1000
Measurement: 100 gms 250 gms 500 gms
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ID: 000.001.422

  • Description
    Tata Tea Gold, the mass premium offering from Tata Tea’s diverse portfolio, was launched in 2003 as a superior variant on the ‘aroma’ platform. While the practice of mixing CTC (Crushed, Tear, and Curl) granules with long leaves was prevalent amongst discerning tea consumers, there was no packaged player addressing this area. Tata Tea tapped into this rich insight and developed Tata Tea Gold. Its uniqueness lies in the superior balance it maintains between strength and aroma, w
  • Contract Terms
    35 days after payments Payments 100% prepared

Tata Tea Gold re-launched in 2013, with a new proposition, communication and packaging. Now, it didn’t simply reach the homes of innumerable consumers across India, but also their heart and mind, with campaigns that aimed at a better India. Women constitute 49% of India’s electorate. This simple, yet powerful statistic led to the genesis of Tata Tea’s Power of 49 campaigns in 2013 on the landmark Jaago Re platform. This campaign was conceived with the objective of empowering women with the knowledge that they can make or break a government because of the collective power they yield as 49% of the electorate.

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Artex Ventures Pvt Ltd

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Large wholesale

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35 days after Payment
Payment 100% Prepaid

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$ 1000

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926/1, Ground Floor, Pundalik Niwas near Police station, Pundalik Nagar,
Porvorim, Goa, India 403521
Company’s CIN: U74900GA2016PTC012860
FSSAI License Number: 10017025000316
Importer/Exporter Code: BINAAOCA5631QFT001


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