Quality control

Technical evaluation of products with specific exams.

Buy only high quality goods that will be delivered safe and sound.


We check all the phases of the transaction

Production process

We control the quality of raw materials and timing.

We will find the defective products before the end of the batch production.

Shipping from the company

We perform pre-shipment inspection of the products and check the quantity.

We check the conformity of the brand with the quality of packaging and packaging.


Conteiner movement

We are present at the unloading and loading of goods in the container.

We check shipping documents and conduct final checks on the quality, quantity and packaging of goods.


For whom is this service?


Do you have your own business and want to get a real evaluation of your products from specialists?


Are you engaged in the wholesale purchase of products you want to increase imports or exports?

Do you want to buy or examine products from a potential supplier?


How we work?

  • Objective determination of product quality and quantity using measuring instruments, reagents and other technical means.
  • We verify the presence of defects or unconformity products, according to the requirements of normative documents.
  • We define quality indicators using mathematical formulas and models.

What else can we offer you?


The certification that is the full compliance of the export products with the requirements of the importing country.

We define the rules and requirements for your product, as well as legislation and regulation.

We test the products in an accredited laboratory for compliance with the importer's country standards.

We analyze the quality control system of the producing company.

Stamping a label on the product.

We make a technical file and a declaration of conformity.

Data sheet - documentation with the requirements for the design, production, operation and disposal of products.

Declaration of conformity - a document confirming the conformity of the goods with the current safety standards.

It is important to consider that improperly prepared product certification documents lead to substantial financial losses and sometimes to the inability to perform or complete an import operation.


Professional experience

Expert opinion and qualified professionals based on detailed studies and tests.

Surveys, interviews, conferences, auctions and exhibitions to meet the needs of potential consumers.



The cost of the service depends on the products tested. For more information, contact our consultant.


Ready solutions for the export of goods