Marketing Search: Coffee Beans


“Marketing research is the inclusive term which embraces all research activities carried on for the management of marketing work, the gathering, recording and analysing of all facts about problems relating to the transfer and sale of goods and services from producer to consumer.” — Harry Hopner


The main aim of marketing is to satisfy his costumers. So to achieve this goal it is important to analyse deeply the markets: find the best supplier available at the best conditions.


One of the most popular Indian goods is coffee. One buyer sent to MarketIndia24 a request of coffee. India is having an excellent product for exportation. In fact more than 80% of the production is sell abroad. The ratio quality-price is very competitive in the international market.

We received a request of: Arabica AA


Analyse the Request

Before starts any research, it is very important to understand the request and collect all the missing information

Contact & Filter Suppliers

After understanding the demand, our stuff start get in touch with a large number of potential suppliers, in this case 23 were contacted.

After a beginner approach of selection base on the potential buyer’s requirement, our stuff proceed in the verifications of the information provided by the suppliers.

Verification information

In India market one of the main problems is to verify the information, but thanks to our experiences, we could finally provide a quality list of potential suppliers.


In the end of the marketing research we provide a short list (3 to 5 suppliers) that match with the specific of the request. The client will get full and details information regarding the selected suppliers and it will be up to him the final choice. Our team will be ready to support and provide extra information, if required, to finalize the deal and start the new partnership.

Note: it is mutual interest to build long and durable relationship with a profitable scenario. In a lot of case it is suggest a personal meeting or at least an online conference to make more personal and friendly the partnership.



Click on the link to watch all details about suppliers and to get more information about this case — Watch Full Case Report