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The Marketindia24 trustee is a well-organized participant in foreign economic activities with possible jurisdiction from India, Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic (EU). In the schemes he can act as commissioner, seller or buyer. The trustee can act as an exporter or importer for the possibility of organizing the delivery.

The TURN-KEY Deal is for:

  • Companies that are starting to enter the international market and who do not have experience in foreign trade
  • Companies that can not or do not intend to have a staff of specialists for foreign economic activities
  • To companies that are not ready for export or do not have permits.
  • For traders who want to reduce costs, risks and efforts in the conduct of foreign economic activities.
  • For those seeking support for foreign economic activity, such as an airline, a customs broker, etc.
  • Organizations that plan to deliver groupage cargo .

How does it work?


Provide information about the details of the transaction and the participants, a description of the goods, additional information for performing preliminary calculations.

Organization of the transaction with the participation of a trustworthy legal entity


What we will provide to you:

The service can be obtained from any company or entrepreneur who has a proposal of a foreign partner with the terms agreed and is ready to sign a contract.


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